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Stations drive discussions around specific topics. Join other fans in Stations to talk about specific topics, radio shows, podcasts, teams, and more.

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Build a profile and start talking. uTalks are publicly displayed for others to play, upvote, and respond to

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Record, preview, and broadcast up to 60 seconds of audio per uTalk

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The more you uTalk, the more you are heard. Gain fans to increase playbacks and regular listeners.

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Stations drive discussions around specific topics like sports teams, podcast episodes, radio shows, and more

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Tweet uTalk audio directly to your Twitter followers

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Reply directly to other uTalks and share your take

Live & Recorded Audio

Don’t type it. Say it. “uTalks” deliver your thoughts, ideas, and reactions within Stations focused on specific topics or groups

Community Stations

Create, join, moderate, and contribute to Stations to drive audio discussions

Build Your Fanbase

Gain fans, track engagement, drive discussions with the uTalk platform

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